Sunday, August 24, 2008


I've been doing some blog housekeeping - i needed to update a few things, but I've also messed up some of the HTML and things are not quite right - my images crash into my borders on the right hand side and I'm trying to fix it, but knowing absolutely nothing about HTML makes it quite difficult.

It might be something to do with the image size so I'm testing a few pics here:

**EDIT** OK I played with the HTML for what seemed like hours, and I found a work around - not really a solution but will do for now.
I've also updated my blog reading list - it is massive!

oh, and the cat in the picture is mellie - our other baby cat, who is thankfully very well - and on the cat front, Stevie seems to really be improving day by day - she's full of naughty cat character, and she's lovely!


silverpebble said...

Some very lovely images there! Cakes, birsy and Stevie - what could be better?

Katy said...

I agree with Emma - fab pics. Especially Stevie having a well earned rest!

Joleo said...

The border problem can usually be fixed by messing with the border property of your images - if you just want to do one side then set either border-left or border-right. Sorry I don't know how it works in blogger or I'd be more specific :)

Hope Stevie is getting on ok!

emma + spanner said...

Love your new birds, they will make fab christmas decorations - and would look cool in a garland too?

picciolo said...

Hi, I'm glad that Stevie is still on the mend. I love the little birds you have made from your scraps, that pink stripey fabric is just gorgeous!
: )