Sunday, July 06, 2008


Today was the first day of the Reveal Exhibition in Henley on Thames. It runs from 6th-12th July.
Weather wise it was pretty horrible, but the exhibition itself was great - the space is really good and Henley as a location is good too. There is a lot going on in Henley over the next week so hopefully it will drive a fair few people in to see the work on display.

I got very far behind on my schedule of work due to Stevie's unforeseen accident, but yesterday I worked like a trooper to get as much done as possible. My mum and Mr Monda were up with me until the small hours of this morning making sure everything was tagged and labelled and inventoried (they were a godsend really). Here are some of my new brooches:The jumper monsters:and one of the tags which Mr Monda kindly helped me to make for them:Mr Monda posing next to some of my work:and lastly a wet but rather pretty pavement in Henley:
We also went over to the RVC to see Stevie yesterday. She is in the intensive care unit and we were allowed to go in and see her in there. The RVC is one of the best hospitals I've seen - better than many regular people hospitals by far, and Stevie is being well cared for. Her blood tests are slowly showing signs of improvement, which I am encouraged by, but this will be a slow process to see if she if her kidneys are able to cope as they reduce her drip, which they will possibly start to do next week. She looked pretty comfortable in a little bed, and whilst she didn't get up to see us, she was responding to being stroked. I'm still getting a stomach in mouth feeling every time the vet calls but the signs are pointing in a more positive direction, and I'm happy about this.

I'm off to make a few more bits and pieces for my shop - things that have been half finished will actually get finished now!


Gem said...

So glad to hear Stevie is on the mend :)

paper-and-string said...

wow! your exhibit looks GREAT...the jumper monster's tag is genius! All your hardwork has certainally come together beautifully

Kitty said...

I'm so pleased to hear Stevie is going in the right direction. It must be such a relief.

The exhibition looks fantastic - I hope you're justly proud?

Take care. x

Jodie said...

So glad to hear your little cat is improving , even slowly.
Your display looks great and that tag is fantastic.
I'll still be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

edward and lilly said...

The brooches are gorgeous and the tags are fabulous, I think people will respond really well to them.
Wishing Stevie a speedy recovery x

Joleo said...

The exhibition looks great - congratulations!

Also encouraging news about Stevie - fingers crossed...

Katy said...

Hello Mr Monda! Nice to meet you!
The exhibition looks great, I love the tags! I hope it all goes well for you.

I'm going to step up my get well Stevie wishes, can everyone else join in? I hope she pulls through, Monda - I really really do x

Nifty Stitcher said...

So pleased that you managed to do so much for your exhibition. It all looks wonderful - love those tags. Also relieved that things are beginning to sound more positive for Stevie - paws and fingers are crossed here in the hope that the improvement continues
Avril (and Boris and Igor)

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

That's good news about Stevie - keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Love your stall! Did it go well?

Lucy x

saraeden said...

Glad to hear about Stevie i have my fingers crossed for her speedy recovery !!
Your things look gorgeous hope it all goes well too !!

Sara x

Gina said...

Pleased Stevie is on the mend. Your exhibition looks great.

Lesley said...

Your stand looks great and I love the tags that Mr Monda made for you!

I'm so glad to hear Stevie is showing signs of improvement.


emma & spanner said...

OMG, I've just been catching up with your blog and poor Stevie...
I'm so pleased she is staring to show some signs of improvement. We'll keep everthing crossed for her!

Your exhibition looks amazing! I love all the little monsters huddled together and the brooches are fab!

Good luck with everything,