Saturday, July 12, 2008

a near miss and a grumpy cat in a cage

Yesterday, on the way back from picking up Stevie we had a real fright. The weather was horrible - torrential rain which made the driving conditions appalling. On one of the smaller roads nearer to my house, a lorry veered across the road right in front of us and I had to put the car into the hedgerow and slam on the brakes in order to avoid it hitting us. It missed us by about an inch. Then it started slowly moving backwards in the direction of the car so I just put my foot on the accelerator and sped off. I think the driver had lost control or something - it was all very weird. I was quite shaken and more than anything I just wanted to get poor Stevie home, so I didn't stop.

Stevie is home and we are both very happy about this. She on the other hand is less than happy to be in her cage. When we put her in she constantly miaowed and was pushing her paws through the bars and biting the cage. We had to cover the cage with towels and blankets on all but one side to get her to calm down. She doesn't want us to stroke her at the moment - she keeps pulling her head away from us. I think she just feels a bit grumpy with us.
She is eating well and drinking a lot (classic symptom of kidney damage) and she has to stay in her cage for the next week.
We'll be back at the RVC next friday for more blood tests and a further ultrasound as her kidneys are still showing as being abnormal (perhaps due to being saturated by the drip) and the RVC hope that a week off the drip will show signs of improvement. She's not quite out of the woods yet, but she's well enough to be at home, albeit a bit grumpy.

In this pic you can see one of her many shaven patches. She has lost quite a bit of weight and where is is shaven you can see that there really is nothing of her. And this was when she was desperately trying to get out of the cage:The vet we saw at the RVC yesterday was great. He said he was sorry not be to working next friday when we go back in as he would like to see her again - they gave us some written notes on her treatment to date, and at the end of the notes, he added that she is a 'very sweet cat'. I feel that she has been really well looked after by the RVC, and I'm happy she was there getting treatment for the last 9 days. I won't mention how much this has cost us to date but lets just say, I'll need to sell a heck of a lot of monsters over the next few months to counteract this!


Casey said...

vet bills are definitely not cheap but it's all worth it! I'm glad your cat is home with you now. even if she's a grumpy butt, I'm sure it's nice to have her there :)

Jodie said...

I guess we would be the same after all that she had been through, grumpy and trying to get away.
I'm glad she is back(and that you got home safely).

Kitty said...

I'm so pleased to see her back home, though shocked to hear about the lorry incident on the way back. You must have been very stressed, what with Stevie and that. (((Monda)))

Fingers crossed for next Friday - I'll be thinking of you all.


Lesley said...

Bless her - I'm sure Stevie holds you totally responsible for all she's been through! I hope she feels happier very soon :)

Scary lorry stuff - I don't blame you for getting out of there quick!!


Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

Fabulous news to see that Stevie is back at home, albeit in a cage.
I did chuckle at the first picture of Stevie - it's just a typical cat look, what the billy-o am I in this cage for and why are you taking a photo of me???!

saraeden said...

Glad to hear Stevie is back with you at home and hope your ok after the lorry shock !!

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