Thursday, July 17, 2008

taking a breath

I've just sat down after a really busy week at work and an equally busy week at home and I'm thoroughly shattered.
I've been working on a commission for wedding invitations each evening this week, and I've finally finished printing, embellishing, folding and inserting. It was quite a long process from start to finish, and I have to say that the final designs are not really something I would have chosen to do, but I was working to my clients brief so had to go with what they wanted. I'm very happy with the quality of the finished cards however - no pics of the cards as the names of the clients are on the front and I'm sure they wouldn't want them splashed all over my blog.

I'm sitting here now on my sofa with a little baby Stevie next to me - sleeping away quietly. We have been a bit naughty and let her come out of the cage for the last few days. She's quite immobile so she either sits on the sofa, or sleeps on the end of the bed in our spare/work room with Mr Monda who works at home at the moment.

Here's a couple of pics of her. Firstly last weekend: and then just yesterday: - she's looking a lot better I have to say (albeit still a bit grumpy). She's eating really well, and toilet functions are all normal. She is sleeping quite a lot but when she is awake she is quite bright and she wants to walk around the house and find hiding places in all the usual spots (under the bed, or tucked under the dining table).
I'm hoping that our trip to the RVC tomorrow will tell us what our senses have been telling us all week - that our little Stevie is slowly improving.

I have the day off work tomorrow (for the vet trip), and I can sleep in a little longer than I usually do on a work day - how nice!


Gem said...

Awww Stevie's looking much better :) I'm really pleased to see she's at home and out of her cage.

Kitty said...

Oh yes, she looks much better in that second photo - I'm so pleased for you and Mr Monda. I'm sure your intuition about letting her out of the cage, etc. is to be trusted. After all, you know her best.

I hope it all goes well at the RVC today.

Take care. x

picciolo said...

I hope your trip to the vet goes well today, good luck Stevie. And I love that little animation, its great!
: )

Joleo said...

Yes, she does look much better. Fingers crossed that the visit to the RVC goes well :)

Nifty Stitcher said...

It's wonderful what a week of your tlc has achieved. She looks so much better and even has a little sparkle in her eyes. Hope all goes well at the RVC.
I know what you mean about commissioned work - it can make you feel quite uncomfortable if you don't really like what the customer wants - but never mind it all adds to the Stevie fund!!!
PS Just getting my own blog up and running again - not very exciting yet but do pop along - it will improve with time - I promise

Lesley said...

Stevie definately looks better in the second photo. I hope you get the best news tomorrow.