Friday, November 23, 2007

tickets, cars and freebies

I must start by apologising for the lack of photographs on this post.

Today was a bad day.
It started well - I managed to get tickets for the Foo Fighters. The tickets sold out in about 15 mins so I was quite lucky really.
My luck didn't last however because on my way home from Ikea this afternoon some guy smashed into the back of my car. Thankfully me and Mr Monda are OK (although my neck is a little stiff right now) but I can't say the same for my car.

My car was only 6 months old when I bought it (it's just a year old now) but I don't know what the prognosis will be on it because the back bumper is squashed in on one side and the boot doesn't close properly.
My initial reaction to this was just to be really angry as a couple of years ago the same thing happened to me - once again someone drove into the back of me and last time my car got written off.
The guy who hit me was not from the UK, and didn't speak good English. He kept saying. 'is ok, I have insurance' but he didn't really want to give us any details, and said he didn't have an address!
Mr Monda was very calm throughout the whole thing and was trying his hardest to get the details from the guy and his passengers, whilst I was yelling 'it's not OK, you've just driven into the back of me'.
The guy then proceeded to to try and bash my bumper back into place with his fist, at which point I got really mad, and just told him to get off my car and leave it alone.
If my insurance company can't trace the guy to make a claim, then I will loose 2 years from my no claims bonus, my insurance will go up, and I have to pay £150 excess on my policy too - perfect timing with Christmas coming up.

Anyway on to much more pleasant things. Tomorrow I will announce a freebie, so be sure to pop by and take a look if you fancy getting your hands on some monda goodies.


paper-and-string said...

oh no!!
that is awful news...I hope your neck is better soon and i REALLY hope that your insurance peoples can get him!!
Did he also damage your ikea purchases??? imagine if you could claim for that too and shop at ikea for free :-)
and Foo Fighters?? you are the luckiest girl I know!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hi Monda, I'm so sorry to hear about the car business. We take it for granted that because everyone has to have insurance these sorts of things will be sorted out easily but obviously real life isn't so reliable - I really hope it does work out ok. But it's such a pain. Thinking of you. Lucy x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

P.S. There's something I'm puzzled by: I keep seeing the handmade pledge thing around and would like to take it - but does it mean you don't buy anything not-handmade? Can I take the pledge and still buy my little boy lego???? or get the girls a karaoke machine? I'm such a pedantic (with myself) that I would find it hard to take a pledge and bend the rules! What do you think????