Sunday, November 18, 2007

a big christmas shopping day

I did a huge Christmas shopping trip today. I would probably say at least 50% of the Christmas presents are bought now. I'm trying to do it a bit earlier this year because it always seems like a frantic last minute rush to the shops and it all becomes a lot less enjoyable. That said, the shop I went to today was jam packed with people evidently doing the same as me.

My grand plans to make cards today were clearly just a dream (because I spent too long at the shops). At least my christmas decorations are a WIP and I did order a custom made stamp for my cards (you might get to see it later in the week when it arrives), and I have bought some more felt to make a few more decs before the week is out.

I have a hospital appointment tomorrow (nothing to worry about really - a minor surgical procedure so I'm told) so I'll be at home this week - 3 days will be working from home and I have a day off on Friday so I can really make a start on those Christmas cards.

1 comment:

Katy said...

Those decorations look gorgeous, will you making them to sell as well? (hint hint)
Hope the appointment goes ok today, and you get plenty done this week!