Monday, June 21, 2010

weekend visitors

This weekend we had a couple of visitors in the form of my nephews. Look at the little suitcases! They are such little dudes.

We kept them pretty busy, we made wooden spoon puppets, played football, went to the park, watched wallace and grommit, ate pizza and picked strawberries. It was a jam packed weekend, but one of the best things we did, was to make t-shirts.
We had one pack of iron on crayons (£1) and two t-shirts (75p each) all from Asda.
We drew our designs onto tracing paper, then coloured them in using the crayons. When they designs were done, I ironed them onto the t-shirts, and voila.
This one was designed and coloured by my 4 year old nephew (i love it):
and this one was drawn my me but coloued in by my 2 year old nephew:

This was the best fun and the boys loved their new t-shirts, and for £2.50 - what a bargain!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Those t-shirts are fabulous! I bet the boys were really delighted with them and think you are simply the best aunty in the world! Lucy x

Kitty said...

Wonderful t shirts! When my now teenage daughter was about 7 she went to a 't shirt party' where all the girls made a design on a white t shirt. She will not part with it - it still sits in one of her drawers to this day. She adored it, and it still reminds her of happy times. I'm sure your nephews will be the same :) x

Gina said...

Brilliant T shirts. (Like the little cases too!)


You must be talked about at school, you are the coolest Aunty!!

Hurrah for transfer crayons x

Moogsmum said...

What a fantastic aunty you are!! Those t-shirts are fab and such a great idea for keeping little hands busy.

Sounds like a great weekend :o)


Kyoko said...

Hi Monda!
What a fabulous idea. Love them! I bet they really enjoyed it. I have a nephew and a niece so I will try it this summer (planning to go to Japan again to look after them). Though I don't think I will be able to draw that well... It might just an abstract squiggle on their t-shirts...! LOL