Tuesday, June 29, 2010

boot sale booty

On sunday, my weekly boot fair adventure seemed like such a chore in the 29 degree heat. We wanted to do it quickly so me and Mr Monda decided to split up and do an isle each, meeting at the end of each isle to report that everything seemed to be pretty 'guff-a-loo-lah' (my new favourite phrase). It seemed like a waste of a perfectly good sunny morning until we spied these little beauties in the last isle:
I think it was a mum and daughter sales team, and the mum (who was probably in her 80's) was driving a hard bargain with me, probably because she didn't really want to let them go. She wouldn't take less than £5 for them so I put them down and was about to walk away when she asked me what I wanted to pay for them. £3 I said, £4 she said, and then we settled on £3.50.
It seems quite silly that these pretty little china cups (and a saucer) can make me feel so happy, but they do, so I'll have that. I know after the wedding, I won't be able to part with some of the pretties I have collected. I think we're going to need a bigger house.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

They are absolutely gorgeous and a total bargain! I paid far more for my cups and saucers that I bought at the weekend - but I don't mind as I got them from a lovely friend. I'll be posting about them some time when I can sort my camera out! Lucy x

picciolo said...

these are very pretty, you did some great bargaining too! Your wedding table is going to be beautiful!
: )