Thursday, June 10, 2010

a little obsessed

well, I don't mid admitting that I'm a little bit obsessed. You see, after leaving my job and taking myself off onto an illustrator course, I'm pretty much spending each day doodling away designs for my portfolio. I am obsessed by this, but actually that isn't the obsessed thing I was talking about.
I'm quite obsessed by the fabric design competitions they have going on over at spoonflower. It's a healthy obsession though, as these competitions are providing me with an almost weekly design brief. I like this because I can spend my brain power on designing and not thinking up clever briefs and themes for myself.

Anyhow, voting is up for the robot themed fabric. I changed my submission about 4 times before I finally entered this one:
click on pic to enlarge

If you like this, could I please ask, ever so politely for you to pop over to spoonflower and vote - it only takes a minute (as Take That once said) and I really would appreciate it very much.

As an aside, does anyone know what possible reason a man in a big TNT van would be doing visiting a house on my street each day at the same time for about 20 mins, usually at about 5.30? I have a theory, which doesn't involve the delivery of parcels, but the reason this irks me so is that he takes up the space of at least 3 cars making it impossible to park if you happen to come home at this time of day.
This is one of the things you notice when you are a stay at home, busy body, curtain twitcher, like myself :o)


Moogsmum said...

Weeellll.....I reckon he could be delivering something and if he's not careful the stork could be delivering something in a few months too!!

I love your robot fabric and you have my vote :o)


Annie said...