Thursday, June 03, 2010

I am not a robot

Thanks to everyone who voted for me in the spoonflower contest recently. I came 45th out of 116, with 211 votes. I didn't expect to win, but just putting something out there was a good thing for me.
This was the winning fabric:
Pic via spoonflower - designer Emma McCann
It's great isn't it.
Spoonflower always run competitions - a forthcoming one being on a robot theme. I've been working on a few designs this week:

I'm not sure if any of these will make it as my final design yet as I still have more in the pipeline
I'd like to ask for some help from fellow bloggers. Which one of these designs would you pick if you were purchasing a robot fabric and why? All comments gratefully received.

Apparently, Marina isn't a robot either. I love this song:


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Well done in the competition Monda! I like the blue and red stripe robots best(2nd pic)although I really like the xoxoxoxo borders on the third one. I just find the outline robots harder to "see" as robots if that makes sense - probably not at all!!!

I've just shown Fred and he instantly chose the same one as me!

Hope that helps!

Lucy xx

Debby said...

2nd picture for me too but unsure on the upside down robots.

Emm@ said...

Thanks for showing my fabric. I'm totally gobsmacked to have won!

I love your red and blue robots. I'd go for the 2nd one, too. I like the way it also looks like the pattern could be cogs or a circuit board or something at a distance.

Jodie said...

I like the last one, sorry, not much consensus so far.
I think its more versatile than the ones with a stripe...

Maxine said...

My favourite is the 2nd one - I think the combination of the colours make them 'pop' a bit more than the others

Kitty said...

I like the second one and first one together very much - I think used together in a project would be fabulous.