Sunday, February 17, 2008

the time stealer

I've decided that there is a little creature out there called a time stealer. He nips into your home when your back is turned (probably whilst you are emptying the washing machine) and runs away with your time. He has been here on several occasions this weekend.

I spent some time with my mum yesterday/today as she was visiting her mum (close to where I live) and also it is her birthday. We went out for a wagamama, then we ambled around the shops in Windsor for a while and bought huge chunks of chocolate cake for everyone on the way home - sadly no pics though. My poor mum didn't get her handmade present from me yet - I bought her a couple of other gifts and she'll now have an extra special gift on mothers day instead. I blame that time stealer I mentioned earlier.

I'm not at work this week (phew) and I plan to do a fair bit of crafting/making. With this in mind I decided not to do very much today, although I did spend about 2 hours tidying up my workspace in readiness all the planned work.
Last night my mellie cat snuck onto the table to sleep on a pile of felt that I had got out and left, so I decided a cool wash in the machine was in order. Well lets just say, it's all twice as thick as it was before, and of course half the size - never mind, I know I'll use it for something eventually!
I have some boring stuff on the agenda this week too - I've booked an eye test for tomorrow - I hope I don't end up needing a massive pair of new glasses like this little fella:
ciao for now.


Kitty said...

Awww, he's cute!

I have a problem wtih that time stealer too - pesky pest. x

dotty said...

I hope you get lots of crafting/making done next week, i have the time stealer too.Maybe you could make a monster time stealer.. a clock monster? have fun dottydesigns x

paper-and-string said...

I hope you have a GREAT week off, you certainaly have worked v.hard recently so enjoy it :-)
I saw this and thought you may like to see it (if you haven't already!)
I wonder if you've imported another time-stealer with your new Gocco? There was certainaly a new time stealer in my new balls of wool!!!
Enjoy your week xxx

Joleo said...

Ah cats who sleep on wips and soon to be wips - I know exactly that mixture of 'aw how cute' and 'oh bugger now it's all covered in fluff'. Mine seem to love freshly laundered bed linen too...

Hope you have an excellent and productive week - I don't see how you can fail with a newly tidied workspace

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Have a fabulously crafty week and just watch out for that time-stealer - he's been here too and it is already lunchtime and I haven't even got into the kitchen to tidy it yet because I have been so busy trying to find the sitting room and dining room and the three little monsters are asking for something called "lunch" Strange little things!!!