Tuesday, February 19, 2008

bunny rabbit (of sorts)

Well today was maybe not quite as good as yesterday, but not a bad day all in all. I made the fatal mistake of checking my work emails (well I really had to - something that I needed to check/sort), and found myself feeling grumpy for about an hour afterwards - probably because I'm on holiday and as much as I like my job I don't want to think about it this week when I'm having a holiday from work. So a remedy of a funny film was in order. It worked, we watched 'knocked up' and it made both me and Mr Monda laugh out loud, so I would recommend that you see it - maybe just don't watch it with your kids though - too much adult humour/swearing etc.

I've signed up for the easter 'bunny hop bunny swap' organised by Lucy Locket. I am slightly scared about this as I've never created a bunny softie before, well before today that is. This is my first attempt at a bunny - its looks vaguely like the picture I drewI didn't bother with a pattern, I just cut the fabric and away I went. I'm going to try to few more bunnies over the coming weeks too - this one incidentally is not for the swap.

Today I dug out one of the fabrics I designed and printed on my degree course. Looking at it now, I'm not particularly impressed with the entire design (I completed my course 10 years ago, and I liked it at the time) - it has nice elements though, so I washed some and will cut it up to use in some of my work. Might try that tomorrow...

Yesterday I found this magazine in WHSmith:
It was fairly expensive at £8 but it is pure eye candy and even the paper smells and feels great. This is one mag I'm sure I'll be reading from cover to cover.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your bunny is wonderful!!! And I can't wait to see the fabrics you designed..........!

Lucy x

dottydesigns said...

I love your bunny it's so cute, I'm also doing the bunny swap and was busy doing bunny sewing today. I love that magazine too, it is better than a lot of magazines. Dottydesigns x

Kitty said...

I too have looked out a bunny pattern today for Lucy's swap.

I've seen that magazine winking at me in the newsagents - can you post a review in a couple of days and let me know if it's worth the £8? Thanks! x

Lina said...

The bunny came out so cute! There is a Craft magazine blog too (I think it's related to the magazine) which is great. http://blog.craftzine.com/

Rosie said...

just to warn you that Craft issue 6 is now in some branches of Borders. It has plush monsters on the cover and made me think of you