Sunday, February 03, 2008

monsters in love

I've been busily sewing away on some monsters over the last day or two.
Firstly, the monsters in love - Clarice and Clement (Isosceles monsters). They come as a pair - with a felt love heart to prove that love is in the airand then Zeb, who is a Zesty little fella and one of my fave monsters I've made actually. I chose the colours for him because we were told we would get snow (it was a lie) and also I noticed the other day that the trees have started to bud too

I've had one of those weekends where I've had too many ideas for my head to cope with. I need to write everything down or I won't be able to sleep again tonight.
I've ordered a stash of new fabric which will hopefully arrive tomorrow and then I can get cracking on some of these ideas of mine (when I'm not at work of course).

I also wanted to mention a fab website I found. It's called much ado books and they make fab journals/sketchbooks out of old book covers (books that are too old to salvage)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Lovely Love Monsters!!! And your snowy/spring monster is gorgeous too! Off now to look at the book site - thanks for the link!

Lucy x

Katy said...

ahhh, look at the loved up monsters - don't they look cute?! I hope there's no naughty monster business going on at your house - watch em!

Anonymous said...

I think maybe the love monsters could have some baby monsters, that would be so cute. X

Kitty said...

Oh wow ... I'm in love with Zeb - he is GORGEOUS! (By the way, my laptop is also named Zeb - he's gorgeous too! :-D ) x

Lesley said...

Oooh - I love Zeb - a lovely springtime monster :)

Great monster lovebirds too!!


Gina said...

I love all your monsters - they are fabulous!

The Birds and the Apple Tree is gorgeous too.

Gina x