Monday, February 11, 2008

strange birthday

a bit of a long story, but my birthday was a bit strange - It involved a very sick child, a hospital, anxious parents, and more sick. A hectic day, but you can't really expect too much when you get to 32 can you.

Birthday presents amongst other things were one of these which hasn't yet arrived (and i am very excited about this one), a Silver pendant, a glass heart charm for my charm bracelet, an amazon voucher, some chocolate, a sudoku game, a half knitted handmade scarf (from my sister - she took it away with her to finish it so I have no pics) and a little knitted brooch (made by my sis, which she said was rubbish, but I like it):I ended up making my little cakes at a late late hour last night with the commotion of the day, and took them into work with me today. They have strawberry flavouring in them, they were quite tasty (if a little sugary):
I've almost finished my valentines swap - it just needs a bit more work tonight and I'm done. Pics will follow in a week or so (so as not to spoil the surprise)
I've got lots to do this week. My mum's birthday present (for Sunday), and a new softie for the swap I'm doing over at the needle
Sometimes I just wish I didn't actually have to go to work, I'd get so much done if I didn't just have evenings to do stuff. That said, I have a week off next week - and I hope to do some serious sewing :o)


Anonymous said...

Lucky you getting one of those printers, I REALLY want one but not long had a birthday, will have to wait. Those cakes look yummy too.x

Kitty said...

A very happy belated birthday to you.

I do hope the very sick child is much better soon - must be such a worry.

The cakes look wonderful. x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hope the little poorly person is much better now.

Sounds like you had some lovely presents - see, being 32 isn't all that bad really! (Wait until you're 36!)

Lucy x

Monkee Maker said...

Oh, sorry to miss both your 100th post and your birthday. It sounds like one of them was quite traumatic! I hope the poorly child is better now, and the parents happy.

Your cupcakes look yummy - and surely the sweeter the better where cupcakes are concerned?


Katy said...

Those cakes look nearly as delicious as the gocco printer!!! I'm going all green with envy...but as it was your birthday, I'll let you off and just feel pleased for you instead!
Poorly child doesn't sound good - hope all is well now :(