Friday, February 22, 2008

feeling sorry for myself

After my trip to the dentist this morning I am feeling well and truly sorry for myself.
My appointment was for a check up, but as I suspected I needed some work doing. The dentist said that he could do the work today if i wanted, so I decided to be brave and go for it. 1 hr 40 mins later I left the dentist - I opted for no injections for numbing too (because I am quite scared of them) so my mouth was pulled around and drilled and filled and all for the princely sum of £190!
All I can say is that I hope my teeth are happy
I've put some finishing touches to my gocco printed easter cards, but I've really not had any energy or enthusiasm for it today. I decided it was best just to lie on the sofa watching the last few episodes of 24 season 6
To answer Maureens question from my last post about where I purchased my little bundles of linen - I found them here, in namolio's etsy shop.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

So sorry to hear about your horrid dentist experience - I always opt for the injections because I am such a wuss but i have to remember to get the ones without adrenalin or i get really jittery! I'm typing this without my glasses so I apologise if there are any mistakes!

Lucy x

dottydesigns said...

Oh dear doesn't sound like fun, poor you. the print looks good though. Put your feet up and relax. dottydesigns x

Kitty said...

Oh dear ... poor you. Do you have any homeopathic Arnica? I find it helpful for times like that, when you've been bashed around a bit :-(

Hope you feel much better soon. x

syko kajsa said...

Dentist must be the second worst thing (after feeling sick), but the amount of that bill sounds like you got both... Sometimes you deserve a day on the sofa! Love your Easter gocco!

Maureen said...

Thank you so much for the link to the linen bundles.
But sadly enough she don't ship/sell too The Netherlands ;o(

I hope you feel beter....
I am so scared for the dentist.
When you read my previous post, you will know why....bbrrr!

And at least, I love your gocco easter cards.....
Actually...I love all your work :o)

Katy said...

oh...I've got to go to the dentist next week and I am sure I'll need my very first filling (33 yrs without needing work - not bad going!). :(

I love the cards - they look so cute!

Lawrence Gilstrap said...

How was dental work, then? My kid's kinda scared of going too, but our family dentists (Collierville area) were very patient and promised that if ever a work has to be done, it will be painless. So we rescheduled the appointment next week. I'm pretty sure your teeth are happy after the procedure. What sort of procedure was it, btw?