Monday, April 25, 2011

the pink fairy

We've had some exceptional (and unheard of) good weather over the Easter bank holiday weekend - it feels like summer and to prove the point I'm wearing a sun dress today.

The lure of the warm weather and long weekend has made it quite hard to want to do any 'real' work, although I did manage a little bit of creativity for my friends Hen Party yesterday:

The poor cats with their fur coats on have been stretching out on every available cool surface they can find:

poor stevie in her long fur coat. She's a small cat under all of that fur!

and I've been pottering and doing bits of this and that, a bit of gardening, jam making, shandy drinking, cocktail drinking, karaoke singing, a spot of ebay shopping, and of course, because it's Easter, there has been the obligatory eating of chocolate eggs and hot cross buns for breakfast. I find chocolate for breakfast is somehow better than at any other time in the day. Perhaps it's because it feels naughty that it is so nice.
I'm off now to do a bit more pottering in the garden. It's been a really nice few days - just what I needed to pick me up.

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Noomiy said...

love this pink flower! :) soo cute!