Wednesday, April 06, 2011

It looks like rain

It's actually a beautifully sunny day here today, not a drop of rain in sight. This pleases me because the seeds that I planted at the weekend are all sitting in my greenhouse waiting to pop up and they'll be happy with the sunny warmness of the day.

Here are some patterns with rain clouds that I was working on earlier in the week:

I actually missed the deadline for getting them into the latest spoonflower competition. I had such a faffing day on Friday (which was deadline day) where not much was achieved. I got my mojo back on Monday though and have been working on some more rainy patterns and ideas this week.

To start the day today I had a lovely message from Tallulah in my inbox. Look what she did. Thanks Tallulah, actually, you rock!


Deborah van de Leijgraaf said...

too bad you missed the spoonflower deadline! i love your colours!

Hoola Tallulah said...

Ah shame you missed the deadline, these are lovely and I am loving the colours, the top one is my fave!
rock on! teehee