Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a collection

I've been busying myself away on my co-ordinates for my flippers and kippers fabric. It's quite a challenge to think about and design co-ordinates instead of a feature or key fabric. Co-ordinates tend to have less going on, but still need to be a strong fabric in their own right and they tend to sell much better than a key fabric in a collection:

I've now added some 'flappers' to the collection - to make it a little more appealing for girls too.
I think I'm getting there with it, although I'm not 100% happy just yet. More tweaking to be done.


Hoola Tallulah said...

Love it, love them all, especially the swiggly blue one, the red fishies and the spots, ahhh can't wait till this goes up for sale. I have never bought spoonflower fabric before but may have to have a wee splurge for a quilt for Bear!

Ali said...

I'm rather taken by the squiggles too!

Carrie said...

so fun and cute! Love the little penguins!!!