Monday, August 09, 2010

the weekend

This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind - lots of driving, some beach time, some boat time, a dolphin, some family time, lots of pictures taken, the best fish, chips and mushy peas, tasty ice cream and sunny days. Nice.
1. rusty harbour, 2. colourful rock, 3. Sea Snails (?), 4. Sea Snails (?), 5. Mussels, 6. Emlyn House - New Quay, 7. The Sea, 8. New Quay - SW Wales, 9. Llareggub

I took this picture of a rusty eroded piece of a harbour wall. Look at all those colours:

so, from this photo, I created this colour palette by using the dropper tool in illustrator:

and then created a couple of designs using colours from the rusty harbour wall pallette:

I've been to the seaside quite a lot this year and I'm really not tiring of it. If you happen to be in South Wales, I would definitely recommend a trip to New Quay.


Ali said...

Fascinating to see how many colours came from that photo - and unexpected ones too.

You can't beat a bit of sea-time (specially when you live somewhere land-locked!)


Wow what gorgeous images you clever person. Ahh the seaside I can't wait to dip my toes in the surf again some time soon.

Have fun creating your patterns.


Grace & Favour Home said...

Such a great idea for finding new colourways! I must try this with some of my photos to get me out my tendency to always pick blues when designing! Thanks for the inspiration!

patty said...

Hi, Found your blog through Spoonflower.
What a fab idea to turn the colours from your photo into a palette, the designs are great.
I discovered SW Wales plus New Quay in July and thought it was great, I did a blog entry on the amazing coloured houses in Aberaeron, nice place, did you go?
Happy blogging.

Kirsty said...

Wow! So many colours from an image that looks quite muted at first glance. I love it, and adore the repeat patterns it inspired as well. :)