Tuesday, August 31, 2010

le weekend

As we all know, rain seems to be the norm in the UK when there is a bank holiday in the offing.
At the very last minute, a will we? won't we? kind of decision (largely dependant upon the weather) led to a camping trip on the south coast, as the weather looked like is was going to hold.
In a bit of a weird kick back to girl guides, I actually enjoy camping. Well, my kind of camping, which involves a carpet in my tent (I'm not kidding - you can buy tent carpets), and a handful of other home comforts (like a camping loo) which make the experience a whole lot more pleasant.
The night time temperature was about 10 degrees - a bit chilly honestly but bearable with a sleeping bag and a trusty crochet blanket to keep us warm.
We managed to eek out a couple more beach days - something I am really favouring a lot at the moment. The landscape and colour palettes are so different with each beach. The ones we visited this time were mainly stone, which made for a couple of impressive fossil finds - an almost complete sea anemone fossil and part of another sea creature - although I'm not sure what it is exactly.

I wonder, with the onset of autumn, how many more days this year will be beach days?
for my sister


picciolo said...

I'm glad the weather held for your beach days - I'm hoping we get more but I must admit it looks like my sandals will be making way for boots soon
: )

Moogsmum said...

You really can't beat a day spent on the beach. We had our best fun on a stony beach this summer - we buried the children under a little layer of stones and they thought it was the best thing ever!!

Love those beach huts.