Thursday, August 26, 2010

how times change

60 years doesn't really seem like a long time in the grand scheme of things, but if you think of the advancements in technology and subsequently lifestyles in the last 60 years it is really quite significant. Attitudes and ideas of what was right and proper back then just seem so archaic now.
I'm quite fascinated with mid century design, and was chuffed to bits with my recent purchase of the Festival of Britain guide:
I really need to sit down and have a good read of this, but what swung it for me was the adverts it contains (there are loads of them).
I've snapped a handful of the one I like best - some because of the design, some because of the message or style of advertising.

Cigarette adverts
Cigarette advertising is no longer permitted, but just look at some of the messages on these, 'Have a capstan, made to make friends' for example.  
click on the pics to enlarge

Carrs biscuits
I actually just like this because I studied in Carlisle and often saw the Carrs factory

I love the colour choices in this ad:

Sanderson and Liberty - both still going strong 59 years on:

and this one just makes me laugh - look at the strap line 'the famous comfort-in-action trousers'. SOLD! I must get me some Daks

Imperial leather soap
'The quality toilet soap everyone wants' apparently. This ad must have worked though, because we used to have imperial leather soap at home when I was a kid, and I'm guessing that was because my parents had it when they were kids.
Today this would be considered as racist - back then, it was just the norm:

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