Sunday, August 15, 2010

printed by hand

Recently I had a commission for some invitations. The client wanted the print in silver, so the only option was to use my gocco screen printer. Having finished the commission (which incidentally, I didn't find that enjoyable - the design was just not my thing, although it was what the client wanted), I was itching to make something for myself again - it's been too long.
There is just something about the texture and irregularity you get from a screen print that really appeals to me. 
This is my new design - a limited edition print into two colourways:

I'm so pleased with the way these have turned out, and it has really fuelled me to print my designs more often.
They'll be available in the shop later this week.


meli B said...

I love your blog and your work. What a pleasure it has been to find you!

Locket Pocket said...

They are gorgeous! I particularly love the blue one. I had so much fun playing on Charlie P's Gocco machine a year or so ago - I wish they still made them. :o( Lucy xx

Rachel said...

Such sweet prints! I also love the blue one.