Wednesday, July 28, 2010

pretty envelope

I didn't share the envelopes I made for my save the date cards. Here is a quick and very easy tute for prettying up an envelope:

firstly gather up your ingredients
I used:
a manilla envelope - a little bigger than the contents
some vintage cotton lace edging (which I found at a car boot sale)
a mother of pearl button
a needle and some cream coloured sewing thread
a sewing machine (optional)
a typewriter (optional)

  • type the name of the recipients on the envelope. I used my new (old) typewriter but pretty hand writing would be just as nice
  • fill and seal the envelope
  • wrap the lace around the envelope with the two ends meeting at the front. carefully machine or hand stitch the lace (ribbon, trim, scrapbook paper or whatever you have to hand) to the envelope - a length of straight stitch will do it. Make sure to avoid the contents (this is why you need an envelope bigger than the contents)
  • hand sew a button over the two ends that meet - sewing into the front of the button first and tying off at the front, leaving some thread showing
 et volia:


Ali said...

So pretty - there's something heartwarming about that level of attention to detail. They'll be very well recieved I'm sure.

Gina said...

These are delightful. I don't think I could bear to open such a beautiful envelope!

Monda said...

This Monda loves that it's typed. You always have the cutest things on this blog.