Tuesday, July 06, 2010

en masse

I'm busying myself with my save the date cards for our wedding. Lots of printing, tearing, sewing and stitching going on en masse here:
There are still mop buttons to be hand sewn on to each one and the backing stitched on.

Very briefly, I spotted this pretty shadow at the weekend:
It was cast by the sun reflecting off the neighbours motorbike wing mirror into my kitchen windowsill and onto my wall. I almost wanted to get the paint out and just paint it in so it's there all the time.

Rightio, it's back to those cards for me - need to finish them by tomorrow - a self imposed deadline, but it's good to have one.


picciolo said...

your save the date cards are looking wonderful!
: )

Jodie said...

So beautiful Miss v,
Its going to be a spectacular wedding!