Tuesday, July 13, 2010

past influences present

One of the things I'm noticing a lot more these days, is how print, illustration and pattern has been used in days gone by. As with most fashion styles, what goes around comes around, and it's easy to see how designers and makers now are influenced by past trends (me included).

my weekend finds:
I love the pattern on this plate
I can't find much out about when it was made - looks 60's/70's.

This book is also from the 60's
I'm loving the folksy patten on the top/smock the punch wears, and only bought the book because I like the illustrations.

This book was from the turn of the previous century. I can't find a date in it but it has a sticker pasted on the back which dates 1910 and would be consistent with the art deco pattern on the front

I wonder, when in the future people look back to the fashion and popular styles of today, what might be typical of this period in time?


The Curious Cat said...

I love Mr Punch - I do like folky things, had toyed with the idea of doing an MA in folkology briefly! It is fun to wonder who these items may have belonged to etc...xxx

Carrie said...

love the plate! I have something similar in oranges, pinks and yellows :) I love how the 60's have come back, but just a slightly different color palette :) I'm curious how the future will look back on us, too. I'm sure that they'll be saying "ugh" to all the granite we put in our kitchens on design shows (for one thing)! hehe!

Kyoko said...

Hi Monda!
I often think the same. At the same time I wonder if anyone from the past would like what I design for knitwear.
Retro patterns you have in the photos are super amazing. Llooooovvve the plate you have.