Thursday, July 08, 2010

granny's garden

The granny stripe is coming along slowly but surely. It's double size so each row is long . I've done 36 rows thus far and I'm guessing I'll need at least another 144 before it's complete. I'm only picking it up a couple of times a week at the moment, because there is so much other stuff to do in the evenings - like watering the garden and inspecting my crops - I'm making myself sound like a farmer here aren't I - far from it but I am growing more than I ever have before.
We have already eaten some home grown courgettes (zucchini), sugar snap peas, strawberries and we have lettuce and herbs coming out of our ears.

The tomato plants are like triffids, and have tiny little green tomatoes on them now and my indoor (greenhouse) cucumbers have tiny little fruits on them too. My outdoor cucumbers still need to grow before they can fruit and I'm on my second planting of carrots as the slugs demolished my last lot of seedlings - I guess they'll be ready in a couple of months now
It's frankly amazing how much something can grow in the space of a day. One day, it seems there is nothing, and the next day there is a fruit.

The rest of the garden is blooming too
Can you see the little spider hanging onto the lavender flower?

As an aside, does anyone remember playing granny's garden on the old BBC computers? This was my first exposure to a computer in secondary school (I must have been about 12). How times change.


Grace and Favour Home said...

oh oh oh - blast from the past, I remember Granny's Garden, gosh it seems so dated now! And definitely know what you mean about how much things grow in the space of a day - we are overrun with broad beans, potatoes, French beans and the tomatoes are beginning to ripen - so exciting!!

Kyoko said...

Hehe! Computers has come a long way. :D
I looooove the crochet. The colour combination is wonderful.
How wonderful that ou grow your own veg. I was watching River Cottage and seriously wanting to grow some food on my patio (thinking of tomatoes).

The Curious Cat said...

wonderful photos - those courgettes look yummy - especially the flowers - I like to eat those raw sometimes! Hmm... I love it as the garden really picks up and comes to life. It is so interesting just to wander about and marvel and there is some development or something new each day! Love the old computer game too! Indeed, how far we have come! Feel like saying 'In my day...' I never thought I'd say that! xxx

Kitty said...

Lovely, lovely photos! That granny stripe is looking good. I haven't picked up my crochet for a couple of weeks - it's too hot! x