Monday, May 03, 2010

Monda loves... Seamstar

I should be making a roast dinner, but instead I'm doing computer bits - you know, the kind of thing where you did have a purpose when you went on the computer but then you got distracted by an email, or an idea, or something you remember that you meant to do last time you were on the computer, and before you know it, you find yourself at a fabric website you've never seen before.

I'm blogging it because I know I'll want to go back and spend some money another day - when a roast dinner isn't waiting to be cooked, so check out Seamstar here and look at some of the lovely fabrics, like these:
I think I must be feeling bright and geometric today.

Tomorrow, and for the rest of the week I'm off into that London on a 'zero to hero' Adobe Illustrator course. I'm really hoping that I will be a hero by the end of the day on Friday, because I am very definitely at the zero stage at the moment.



Hi Monda,

Your course sounds interesting. Maybe donning a pair of superhero pants over your trousers may give you a starting lift??

Not sure where I am going with that one?

Take care have fun.


Annie said...

I'm off for a look - beautiful fabrics

Joleo said...

Hope you have a successful week in this London. Illustrator looks like such an interesting tool, but a complex one. Sure you'll be a hero by the end of the week!