Monday, May 24, 2010

dresses and kitties

It's been scorching this weekend - so much that I got burnt even with factor 30 suncream on. It's nice to have good weather of course, but I would have liked it a bit cooler on Saturday when I was in London, with my bridesmaids looking for ideas for bridesmaids dresses. We tried on lots of dresses and styles and came away with a definite colour in mind - slate/pewter/mocha - and because we are having a winter wedding - something that looks a bit icy.
This dress was one of the first we tried on and a definite favourite of my sister but wasn't right for both my bridesmaids who are very different shapes and heights. I'd also be happy to have the dresses made but haven't got a clue where to start looking for a dress maker. Can anyone recommend a really good seamstress in south of the UK?

Here's a little something I was working on before the weekend:

Stevie was really not looking very impressed with the new cat in the garden:


Grace and Favour Home said...


Not sure if it will be any use but there is a website called where you can design your own dresses based - necklines, length, fabric, colour etc and have them made and delivered within 10 days and they're really good value - I know they do wedding/bridesmaid dresses so you could maybe use the same fabrics and colours but in different styles to suit your bridesmaids different shapes!! Just a your blog by the way!

sue niven said...

I too love your blog! Happy thoughts for your wedding. My daughter got married a month ago, and it was just fab! Going to go to my nieces wedding in September, Hope all your dreams come true!
Love the kitties by the way!

SpoonBadger said...

Envelope of joy arrived today - thank you so much! And for your amazing cards too :)

I had one ginger, one blonde and one brunette bridesmaid when I got married. I feel your pain with trying to find something to suit everyone!

Claire x

Gina said...

Very elegant dress and I love the little cat!

Kyoko said...

As you might have already guessed, I love the prints. And totally in love with the image with Stevie!!

I'm Beth Gunnell! said...

oh that dress is beautiful!! Think your colours choice sounds great, hope all the plans are going well.
I may have a dress maker recommendation for you...will be in touch if so after a little more investigation!!