Thursday, May 06, 2010


I managed to get through the first couple of days of my zero to hero Illustrator course without many problems. I've been spending the time during lunch breaks and tea breaks trying a few things out using the methods I have learnt - here is an example of what I've done on day one and day two. I'm happy with this so far, and can see many possibilities for my design work which is really exciting.

Today we were into the advanced sessions, and I have to say I struggled with it a bit. I think I needed some more time to practice the basics before moving on. I was bit slower than the others in the group who have used design applications before, and I kept falling behind like a lost sheep. I was quite frustrated with myself at times.

Tomorrow is the last day of the course, and I may not be a hero, but I will be more than zero. If all else fails, there's a huge (and very good) manual which accompanies the course so I can refer to this. I can also retake the course for free at a later date if need be.
I'm still a fan of the pen though, and have been doodling some little houses, which might become a digital design, or maybe a stitched piece.

I'm looking forward to getting on my sewing machine again next week, I've missed my Bernina!

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Kitty said...

Well I think you're doing incredibly well - all those designs are things I would be more than happy to see or use. Well done you :) x