Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a good book

I like books, bookshops, online book browsing. I like books with pictures, books with words, and books for kids, old books and new books. I own a lot of books, and would probably have more if I had more space.
A few recent acquisitions include this stack of old books which I picked up at my local bar boot sale at the weekend:

These are not books that have been purchased for reading mind you, they are intended as props for my photographs - I picked the ones with the spines I liked the best, not really paying any attention to the books themselves. They were 20p each, so I chose 5 and parted with a pound happily. They all have a very old book smell to them - a little bit fusty and dusty.
When I got home, I discovered that I had picked up:
- Idylls of the king, by Tennyson - printed in 1910 and once owned by Winifred Baker (who had written her name in lovely handwritten script in the front cover)
- The Church and the new order, by William Paton printed in 1941
- Under the rope, by Stanley J Weyman, printed in 1911
- Westward Ho! by Charles Kingsley, printed in 1855
- Modern Motor Cars and Commercial Vehicles - I can't find the author or date on this one, but if I want to find out about the principles of a four stroke engine, or the theory of a petrol engine, then I'll know where to look.
Books like this were from the pre-consumerism (if that is such a word?) days. They were once highly prized possessions, and often worked hard for. It's such a shame that they ended up in a car boot sale for 20p each. If only they could tell their life story - now that is something I'd like to read.

My other new books are ones that make me drool.
- Over and Over - a catalogue of hand drawn patterns by Mike Perry

- Illustration Play - Craving for the Extraordinary, by Viction:ary (this book is amazing - I would highly recommend it, not least for the thought that has gone into creating a beautiful book - before the contents have been added)

 I'm currently beavering away getting an online portfolio together to showcase my digital design skills

but I'm itching to get sewing again though too - there just isn't enough hours in the day.
I was browsing around in my local Cath Kidston shop this week, and noticed that they sell some vintage fabric tote bags. I was so tempted - but I didn't buy because I knew I could make one myself - and I have the prefect fabric for it too:
I did manage to accidentally buy some flip flops though. Well, it is almost summer!


Pea Green Kitty said...

I am also a HUGE lover of books, I have so so many and no room for them all. I would like to move to a bigger property and turn one room into a library, complete with ladders and all!
I am currently collecting the old Observer guides.
PS. Love the fabric!

Kyoko said...

I love old books but always find it difficult to understand the language they use... books from 1855 must be sooooooo old! I love the look of them though.
Hehe, the image of the dog is so sweet.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Yep. I love old books too! But I have a naughty habit of acquiring but never reading them. L x