Tuesday, May 18, 2010

fifties inspired

Today's pattern of the day is this fifties inspired repeat which I have entered into the spoonflower contest.

 I'm still enjoying my Illustrator dabbling and have several little designs on the go at the moment.

A bit later than promised, the random number generator has picked number 1 (Lucy Locket) for the Kitty and number 2 (Spoon badger) for the scrapbooking papers. I'll be emailing both of you to get your postal details.
Trash 3 will be making its way to ebay - it will be treasure for someone I'm sure.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Yay! Thank you Monda! And good luck with the Spoonflower competition! Lucyx

SpoonBadger said...

Oh, yay! Thank you!

Have just sent you an e-mail :)

Claire x

Kyoko said...

I love the design! It would make wonderful girls frilly dress (a bit like the real 50's dress).
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!