Monday, October 06, 2008

trees and towers

Don't fall off your seats people - I am indeed blogging on a Monday. My recent form of weekend blogging may well just be behind me - I'm coming to the end of my manically busy period at work and I may just have a bit of energy left on week nights for making - which is a relief because i have a to do list as long as Mr Monda's arm - which is much longer than my arm, but really it could be as long as both our arms put together!

The lighting was shocking yesterday, but I did manage to get a snap of some of the tree's that I madeI've also made a start on some of these - pictures tomorrow perhaps if I can get them finished up tonight.

On a slightly different note, if you were in Vienna this weekend (unlike me) then you may well have seen this:A world record breaking LEGO tower - all 29.48 metres of it. Cool indeed (click on the pics for more detail)


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your trees are lovely and that tower is incredible! There was an amazed little 6 year old Locket here! Lucy x

Katy said...

blimey, that is some tower. Health and safety wouldn't allow it over here, surely. Someone could get squashed ;)
Fabulous trees, madam!

Kitty said...

Gorgeous trees (well actually Grogeous until I spotted the typo)and I too love those Betz White little stockings.

That tower is amazing ... I'd be so tempted to push it a bit though *blush*


emma lamb said...
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emma lamb said...

Sorry, did an utterly stupid spelling mistake :(

As I was saying - As a kid, I dreamed of having enough lego to build a tower this tall or at least as tall as I was!

Love the trees btw!

monkee maker said...

Your little christmas decorations are lovely and heavens to mergatroid that's one heck of a lot of lego!

I can't believe they didn't take you on a jolly to Vienna though - looks like it was a gorgeous weekend there.


Jodie said...

ooh That looks cool. I love Lego...still.

Joleo said...

Love the little trees :)

I still love lego. I mean, for a child's toy it makes an impressive tower no?

Lesley said...

Your little trees are gorgeous! I love the buttons you used.

That Lego tower is amazing! It beats Monster's tallest Lego structure by about 28.48 metres!!


Heleen said...

I love your trees!!! I have to show that lego to my son he'll love it