Wednesday, October 08, 2008

stocking up!

pardon the pun.
It's so hard to get decent photo's when there is no natural light, but I managed to snap this one when I got home from work today - it still needs some trimmings, but it's almost there.
I must mention at this point that this stocking is from a Betz White pattern - just before you go thinking that I'm really clever.
Just for comedy value, I tried it on for size - you'll be pleased to know that it was way too big for my foot - Mr Monda thought I was attempting to make an Inuit fancy dress costume :o)
I have 2 more stocking wips waiting for me on my desk which I would like to finish up before the weekend, so more pics to come...


Kitty said...

That is such a beautiful stocking - really lovely. x

emma lamb said...

Beautiful, i love those moody colours!

Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

The stripes are absolutely beautiful!

Gina said...

Very smart stocking! I like the colours.

picciolo said...

what a gorgeous cosy looking stocking!
: )

Lesley said...

Did you make a matching pair? They'd make great slippers ;)


p.s. I'd have had to try them on too :)

Net said...

What a gorgeous stocking! I love that its got a cosy winter vibe. Is it made from jumpers? Oh that was a daft question - did you knit it? For some reason I thought it was made from felted material.

It would just be simpler if I just said: That's a really nice stocking, how is it made? Sewing or knitting?

Sorry, don't know why I'm rambling!