Friday, October 24, 2008


Thanks to the lovely Emma, for letting me know that one of my little chicks has made it into an etsy treasury, Most exciting! and its a lovely treasury to be included in too:The title of this post is a bit, well random, but that's because I have a few random things to share.
A potato with eyes! I had to take this picture - this potato was destined not to become mashed potato:I also really liked this when I saw it. Bird prints in the sand. It has given me some ideas for an embroidery at some point in the future (when I have less craft fair pressure).


Kitty said...

There's nothing wrong with a bit of random. My life is a testament to the fact!

Congratulations on making the treasury. Love the potato and the dainty bird prints - so beautiful. x

emma lamb said...

That potato made me laugh out loud!
I just noticed it would fit in well with the treasury :)

Gina said...

Well done on the etsy treasury. I couldn't stop laughing at the potato... just magic!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Congratulations on the Etsy profile! And the children all happened to be standing behind me as I read your post and they ALL burst into fits of laughter over the potato!

Lucy x

Kyoko said...

Potato with a nose!! hehe! The other day, I saw a potato with heart shape. What is going on with the potato world?!
Congratulations on the treasury listing!

Charlie P said...

Congratulations! That is a beautiful treasury- love that colour :) Your bird decorations are also brilliant- will there be any in your Etsy shop any time soon?

I was really interested in your pricing post and think a lot of it depends on WHERE you sell your stuff. I was amazed when I offered my Gocco stationery to an art gallery in Bristol and they refused to sell it for the price I suggested as it was too cheap! Their pricing is really good and they are really keen to find new artists so let me know if you'd like any more info ;)

Cate said...

oooh, congratulations on the treasuries! just poped by as i saw your happy jumper monster gus on the front pagey thing of etsy, so congrats on both! x

Lesley said...

How exciting to see your little birds in the treasury!! Congratulations!

Hee hee - that is one fab spud. Is he the new addition to the Monda household?
Minx's friend has had a pet carrot for a few weeks now but apparently he's finally had to go as he started to go very green and furry. She wants a pet orange next. She is such a delightfully excentric young lady :-)