Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obidos and Lisbon

Whilst I was in Portugal, we went to a old town called Obidos (pronounced obby-dosh I think) - a walled citadel with a castle right at the top. All the houses were really olde rendered stone, the pavements were stone cobbles. I took lots of pictures - mainly colour palette inspiration:
Also took a few pictures of some street art in Lisbon:


emma lamb said...

Fab pictures - very textural, i especially like the vent (3rd pic).

Katy said...

wow - lovely pics! Glad you had a good time!

Kitty said...

Fabulous pictures - thanks. I love the last one - was that painted on a wall? The tiles are gorgeous, and the picture of the rooftops is very appealing.

Love your pink crocs too ;-)


Gina said...

What fabulous inspiring pictures!

hens teeth said...

The joy of being abroad ~ photos, inspiring photos, just like these! Those colours and textures are so beautiful.

picciolo said...

I love your portugal photos, looks like you had a great trip
: )

sol da eira said...

I'm from Portugal and I'm very glad that you enjoyed my country.
It's really beautiful. I hope you go there more often. And I really love your blog too.

Lesley said...

Beautiful pictures and I love those old rooftops :-)


luis said...

ahah here you are! :)

Just had time to browse quickly, loved it... and we really need to repeat our portuguese trip sometime in the future (summer, perhaps?) - there are a lot of places that I still want to show you (and as you know, every place here is quite close to every other place, approximately a 15 minute drive, so it will be easy to show you a lot more!) ;-)

hug, luis