Sunday, June 01, 2008

more holiday finds

We found an excellent toy shop when we were in Stockholm - it had 2 shops on opposite sides of the street. One was clearly a kids toy shop, the other one was for people like me and Mr Monda (we really did like both though). It was full of cool toys for adults - softies, notebooks, playing cards, homewares etc. Whilst in there we bought a couple of giant postcards with illustrations that we liked, and a pack of playing cards with the best illustrations i have seen in a long time.
This one is called 'little donkey' by Nathalie Choux
These are by Andree Prigent called 'love between a wolf and a sheep' and 'love between a brown bear and a white bear'
and these cards are called 'le jeu de 7 familles' and are from a french company called atomic soda
I really love these illustrations - they are so me - the kind if thing I think I would do if I was an illustrator. I especially like Mrs Bear knitting whilst at the beach.


dottydesigns said...

love them too, aren't they great? x

Katy said...

I love them 3!!!

silverpebble said...

Those illustrations are fab - such lovely colours and quirky animals. The colours remind me of some of the images in my fave book as a little girl - 'The necklace of raindrops' by Joan Aiken.

Monkee Maker said...

Oh yeah, these cards are fab! And of course, what else would Mrs Bear be doing on the beach?!