Friday, June 13, 2008

apples and pears

I saw these cute little ceramic dishes today on daily candy. You can get them from YoYo ceramics

I've got a busy weekend ahead - preparing for the craft exhibit I'm taking part in, and coming up with some designs for a wedding card commission - it's not all work and no play though - I have an unusual wedding to go to tomorrow night, where the bride dresses as the groom and the groom dresses as the bride - it's really more of a fancy dress party. I'm off to the supermarket now to buy the ingredients for the wedding cake!


Lesley said...

That really is an unusual wedding! Is it a real one?
Not sure I coudl have brought myself to say 'I do' to Moogsdad if he'd been dressed in a big white frock!!

Have a fab and interesting weekend!


silverpebble said...

I know what you mean Lesley - I don't find the bristly chin/ivory satin combination very attractive either.

Love the little tape measure from your last post - sweet little tiled roof.

Tasty looking fruit too.

Kitty said...

Gorgeous dishes.

Loving the sound of that 'alternative' cross-dressing wedding. Do the guests do likewise, or is it just them?


Annie said...

Hope you took some photos at that wedding!