Monday, June 16, 2008

a bit of a mish mash

Apologies to start with for this mish mash of a post today.
I'm just sewing away at the minute - some more monsters. Pink Monsters - good colour don't you think, for a monster I mean.These little monsters were a couple of Laura Ashley jumpers until last week. I'm having a problem (affirmed by Mr Monda) with felting jumpers, the problem being that I can't stop. I saw a lady in the supermarket the other day, and thought - ooooh that jumper would make a great felt. I also get a bit over excited when I open the washing machine and see the shrunken jumper waiting in there for me.

I forgot to take a picture of the cake I made at the weekend - it was great tasting though.
These chocolate coated strawberries were part of the decoration, they also tasted great:A little while ago I received this not so little fabric stash. This was a 'thank you' from Emma and Spanner (no blog sadly) for the freebie she won from me recently. It's not the way a giveaway usually work is it - it was more like an unofficial swap really. Thanks Emma - I have plans for the pink felty fabric alreadyEmma also made this lovely card too:and lastly but not leastly (is that a word?) today is my big sisters birthday. Happy Birthday sisterella - go and check out her shop and her blog - she makes fab knitted and fulled goodies - this is a brooch she made for me recently which will be a perfect addition to the outfit I'll be wearing to a wedding I'm going to later this summer:


silverpebble said...

Quick blogging moment while the little ones are settled...

Such beautiful things! I love that card especially, and the brooch.

As for the strawberries - they're works of art in themselves! I have a mammoth hunger at the moment - it's made me want to go and raid the fridge - just plain strawbs for me though...

Gina said...

Pink is the perfect colour for monsters. Those strawberries look divine.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

It may be a mish mash post but it was a very lovely mish mash!

Lucy xx