Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Origin 2011

On Sunday, me and my boy went into London to visit Origin at the old Spitalfields market:

Visiting Origin gives me a little boost of inspiration and fuel for my creative fire. I always come out thinking 'I could do that'. Who knows, maybe next year?

I took a few pictures of the things that caught my eye, although was really quite surprised to note that some of the designer/makers had signs saying 'no photography'. Surely it's the perfect opportunity for a bit of free promotion. It seems really odd - like saying 'look at me, but don't look at me'.
Anyway, I digress, here is what caught my eye:

Sadhu - hand-woven pashmina shawls and scarves

Anthony Theakston Ceramics

Catherine Tough - Knitted socks

Abigail Brown - soft sculpture birds

Danielle Gori-Montanelli - wool felt jewellery

Danielle Gori-Montanelli - wool felt jewellery

Esther Coombs - Illustrated upcycled ceramics

Sarah Morpeth - Handcut paper

Catherine Carr - Crocheted glass

UOLDBAG - upcycled suitcases

Muir and Osborne - Knitted Dogs

Anna Wales - Metal and felt Jewellery

Sign in Old Spitalfields Market

Big Ben!


Hoola Tallulah said...

So gutted I am going to miss this, was hoping to swing by tomorrow but client has booked last minute moaning meeting and now I won't have time! So peed off! I love that sign btw, mehehehe

::little projects in style:: said...

wow! i'd love to be part of a craft fair like this. and yes! i share the same sentiment about no photography policies!! so odd. i don't get it when restaurants have them too!

thanks for sharing your experience. i feel like it was right there with you!

xx, zhing

Jo said...

It looks like a great show! I was hoping to get up there this year, but I'm going to have to wait until the baby's a bit older.
As for the "no photos" thing - it is difficult. If it's a general booth/stand shot, or something like the designer wearing that gorgeous felt jewellery that's great, but I've had people try to take close up shots of my jewellery and I just know from comments they've made (how did you make that? ooh, I'd love to make something like that. I've started classes at college etc etc) that they're taking the photos to try and copy my designs. I know that they can go to my website and see the pictures I've put on there, but standing there taking macro shots is rubbing my nose in it.
However, I have had a man take a photo despite me trying to hint to him not to, and his wife finding me at a later show to buy a piece like the one he'd photographed as he hadn't been able to work out how to make it. I have to admit I did feel a bit smug!

Ali said...

I didn't make it this year, so thanks for showing your pictures and affording me a little bit of vicarious pleasure!

raspberry said...

Just wanted to say about the photography thing, now doing a regular art market, monthly, I've become much more aware of people taking photos, and what their motives are :( I have asked people on a number of occassions why they are taking photos, and the answers have not been that positive for me!

So I think it is fine to ask and explain, but I can understand why people put signs up :(