Wednesday, September 07, 2011

and finally...

They are starting to ripen:
They make a nice palette too don't they.
I might have mentioned here (or maybe on twitter) that I've grown a massive (some might say 'silly') amount of tomatoes this year. I love them. I mean really love them. If there was nothing more to eat in the world but tomatoes I would be quite happy.
I've been growing 3 varieties this year, the big red's are 'harbinger', the little yellow cherry's are 'sungold' (well at least I think they are - I grew these from the seeds of last years crop), and I have some black cherry's which are still ripening on the vines.
I was getting a little bit troubled as I have lots and lots of tomatoes but they were all green, but slowly, slowly, I am starting to get some colours coming through. I blame the poor summer. I don't think there has been enough sun to ripen them sooner. All will not be lost however - it looks like there will be plenty of green tomato chutney making going on this year, especially if September ends up being anything like August weather wise.

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