Friday, September 09, 2011

Autumn Forest

I can definitely feel Autumn in the air this week. Slippers have been needed (instead of the usual bare feet) and it's felt a bit chilly in the evenings. I think it's time to put the winter duvet on the bed. And if ever proof was needed, whilst writing these words an email popped into my inbox inviting me to view Habitat's new Autumn collection.
I've been working on an Autumn Forest collection, which is timely for the change in weather I think:
Click on images for more detail

The colours of autumn are many and varied. I based the colours of the above designs on shades and tints from this picture, which I found on pinterest:

The little owls make me smile. I know they are popular (hence why I included them in this collection) but are they just a bit over done now? What say you blog readers?


Anonymous said...

I don't think owls have been overdone, but then I've always loved owls. Yours are especially cute.

Loved seeing how you chose you're colour palette.

Anonymous said...

They're all adorable, but I love the leaf print. I know cute is popular now, but I have trouble working with it. The leaves - now those I could use in a quilt!

Sarah@Pings&Needles said...

I think owls have longevity, so although we get 'over exposed' to them there are always people who will want owl prints.

I too have a bit of trouble with 'cute' to use myself, but I love and appreciate it elsewhere ... I love your leaf pattern too ...

... now, if you could work a fox in there ... ??? ! x