Friday, May 06, 2011

a trio of baby squirrels

I was watering my plants in my garden last night when I heard some rustling in the tree above my head. I guessed that it would be a squirrel as I often feed the squirrels and they are really quite used to seeing us and coming into the garden to feed, even when we are just a couple of metres away.
I was quite surprised that it wasn't the squirrel I usually see, but a little baby squirrel, swiftly followed by another one, and then another one. The mummy squirrel was keeping an eye on them from the neighbouring tree. The babies were so playful - just hopping around, jumping for branch to branch and chasing each other around the trunk of the tree. They weren't half as nimble as the mummy squirrel - they looked a bit clumsy and unsure of themselves - I think this was the first time they had been down the tree into the garden. It was such a lovely sight to see.
Worryingly, they didn't seem at all bothered by me and Mr Monda (and the cats) just a couple of metres away from them. I quickly went inside to grab the camera. Sadly I didn't manage to get a picture of all three together - they were too quick:

2 babies  - the third was on the other side of the trunk

It's times like this when I wish I had a zoom lens. It would have made for fantastic pictures.
We were not the only ones interested in the baby squirrels:
Stevie couldn't believe it either
"What? I didn't even see any baby squirrels"

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jodie said...

having never seen one in real life - I totally adore squirrels, they are so soft and so.. just... squirrelly