Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Project 1p - the power of the swap

Are you getting married? Do you need a wedding dress? Would you be willing to swap something you own to become the new owner of this wedding dress? Have you heard about project 1p?

Project 1p was started on 1st January 2011 by a guy called Luke. This project is basically this. Over the 365 days of 2011, Luke is trying to turn 1p into something of greater value.
You can read more about this story and the progress so far here, and of course offer to swap something with Luke. Currently he has a brand new wedding dress which he'd like to swap for something else.
Not bad considering Luke stared out with just 1p.

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Gina said...

One of my sons bought me a book called "Red paperclip" which was a similar story... guy in America started with a single red paperclip and by the end of the year he had a house!