Friday, May 13, 2011


Do you remember fab ice lolly's? I think they are still available. I don't actually remember eating one but I'm pretty sure I did when I was small. We used to have a ice cream man (in a van) who came around once a week. The ice cream of choice when I was little was a screwball. A screwball was basically a plastic cone with a bubble gum ball in the bottom topped with soft ice cream and luminous red sauce, which was usually eaten with a little coloured plastic spoon/scoop.
This is my ice cream themed fabric design in the latest spoonflower contest:

A little ironic really that it features mint choc chip ice cream as It's not a favourite of mine at all.
If you like it and you'd like to vote (I'd be extremely grateful, and offer you all the virtual mint choc ice cream you can eat) then you can do so by clicking here.

Also, late to the party I know, I am now pinning. Pinterest is a is really great way of bookmarking all the loveliness to be found on the internet:

You can have a look at what I'm pinning here, and of course follow my pins if you so fancy.

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