Thursday, October 14, 2010

pretty flowers, pretty palette

When my friend was visiting at the weekend she bought me some flowers. At the time they were just closed up buds but now they have now come out and they are ever so pretty.
They deserved a palette, which I think turned out some lovely colours when combined together:


Kitty said...

Nature does it best! x

Carrie said...

Love this idea of making a clear color palette and running with it... too cool!

Keepapi Creative said...

Wow I love this colour palate that you have picked out. I can see why you gave up your steady job! love it. all I would have seen was red-pink, green & pale pink. out of interest what made you not use the green of the leaves?
I particularly like the flowers with the petal pattern. yummy.
Jacs x

lbc flower delivery philippines said...

Yeah! those flowers are pretty. I like it. Thanks for sharing.


Hoola Tallulah said...

so so pretty! <3