Tuesday, October 05, 2010

autumn garden

It's very easy to ignore the garden at this time of year. It's been wet and windy and not the most inviting environment. I have found little bits of magic going on though:

A miniature mushroom forest:

The spider web tree, which only became visible after  a morning mist:

Ivy flower pods:

Back inside, I've finally started the spare room/studio makeover. It's going to take a few days before it's finished as I need to paint, then juggle the furniture around, and then paint again, and so on until it's finished. Sadly we just don't have enough space to move everything out of the room - which would of course be so much easier. The walls are currently lilac - so I'm banishing them away in favour of White Chiffon - which is not a bright white, but a softer tone.
I'll no doubt post some 'ta da!' pics next week when I'm finished.

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Moogsmum said...

We've had some very spider webby walks to school this past week. On Friday, all the trees and hedges were covered in them!

Those little toadstools are beautiful - they'd be lovely on a fabric design....just saying :o)

Good luck with the decorating!