Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Habitat Stationery

Last week I popped into habitat as I needed to pick up a couple of birthday presents. Habitat is always a good source for pressies, especially at this time of year when they are gearing up for Christmas.
I mainly bought stationery, and I could have seriously gone mad - I'm a real sucker for stationery.
They don't have much of their stationery on their website yet, which is a shame, but it's coming soon apparently.

 Deco tape
 page markers
The range features lots of geometric and bold graphic prints. I especially love the peacock, which features on quite a few items at the moment, including tins, bags, stationery, and kitchen linen:


picciolo said...

Thanks for sharing these, I haven't looked at stationery in Habitat for a long time and had no idea it was so lovely!
: )

patty said...

Habitat and Paperchase stationery is a guilty pleasure of mine too. I got the peacock tape and a small tin, they're lovely aren't they. Little things which bring such pleasure through their delightful designs.