Friday, October 22, 2010

monda loves... Maria Lintott Ceramics

I found Maria's website a while back, and sent myself an email as a reminder to bookmark it - fuzzy logic indeed. Now I'm cleaning up my inbox and have rediscovered it again, so am now bookmarking it in my blog.

I like the simple lines, beautiful soft colours and little details in each of her pieces:

I wish my house was big enough to fill with pretty pieces like these. Alas it is not, and this is proved by the countless boxes of books and other bits and bobs that we put in storage yesterday until round two of house decoration is complete. Round one, the spare room/office is almost complete - except for a few frames and a notice board that need hanging. We have visitors at the moment so the spare room is is being used as a spare room, but hopefully we'll manage to make the finishing touches on Sunday, and I can start working in there again from next week - instead of perching at the end of the dining table.


Moogsmum said...

I love those blue and pink cups - going to have to bookmark this one myself! Every time I bring home my latest aquisition from the china shelves at the charity shop, it becomes all too apparent that we need a bigger house!

Not that that stops me of course.


Anonymous said...

BRILLIANT - I'm chuffed to bits with your latest post. I bought a bowl from Heals a couple of years ago that I LOVE and when it chipped I boooo'ed. Just clicked on the link and it turns out my bowl is Maria Lintott 'Fluid Bowl'. . . . how cool is that!

Zoe x