Saturday, January 30, 2010

on photography, part II

Last weekend, I was making a couple of new brooches. One was a gift, but I wanted to photograph it anyway to have a record and visual memory. It was late afternoon when I did this, so the light was not really at it's best. The pics below show my process of what it took to get a like for like (ish) image.
Fist pic - taken inside on my desk with my standard desk lamp. way too dark, and way too yellow
Second pic - taken outdoors. Way too cold and way too blue
Third pic - taken indoors with small photography lamps (a recent acquisition). Much more true to life but still not quite right (maybe I'm being too self critical). As you can see by the pic below, this one was taken on the dining table (please avert your eyes from the minging wallpaper - believe me, this was not the worst decoration in the house when we moved in, and is hence the last room to get decorated). I think the result would have been better with a white covering on the wall and table to reflect the light around instead of soaking it up.
This morning I've taken a couple of pics inside as it's a nice bright morning. These have come out ok too (I think). I especially like the jelly beans.It's a hard thing this photography malarky.

btw, thanks for all your recent comments and well wishes, I'm feeling much less bleugh than I have been. I won't be sad to see the back of January though, bring on February, a whole better month entirely.


John Bloor said...

One thing to do is set up your new lamps and then set the white balance of the camera under those lamps, then the pics should be true in terms of colour. There are lots of grey cards or white balance cards available to buy. Or you can use a sheet of white paper!

I bought a colour card from somewhere, Jessops maybe, which has a greyscale and colour scale - you simply photograph it in your setup and take the rest of your shots, then when post processing you can use the colour chart shot to set up the exposure for the rest of the shots.

picciolo said...

I'm glad you are feeling better, and I love your dad's photos, especially the robin. It was interesting to see your photo journey, I think this time of year makes it doubley hard to get a good picture
: )

m3 real card said...

Nice photography! You made beautiful brooches. Thanks for such adorable post. Keep posting!

Kitty said...

That's really interesting Monda ... I'm going to have to get at least one of those lamps. I have resorted to white card, white sheets and mirrors to improve the light for my shots this winter! x