Tuesday, January 12, 2010

just getting on with it

I find January to be such a bleugh month. Christmas is such a nice time with so much happening and then January rears it's ugly head and sends you right back to normalville. I don't feel very motivated to do anything - my day job, the housework, cooking, making... Thankfully I just know that this is a symptom of January, and that it won't last.
I've been indulging in some much needed retail therapy to get me through such tough times (a tad too dramatic perhaps?). I've been spending the Amazon vouchers I recieved at Christmas time on some lovely new books with pretty pictures to inspire me. We have also bought ourselves a new mattress - not a luxury but a necessity - we've had our old one for over 10 years and a sign of this is the countless nights of late I've ended up sleeping on the sofa because it is more comfortable than the bed! Buying a mattress is a mine field though, there is so much choice these days. I'm not ashamed to admit I was fished in by the Silent night hippo and chick - they just appealed to meOf course we have had a little bit of excitement in the form of a snow covered UK this last week I do like snow, but driving to work on snowy icy roads is a bit scary. I also realised that I don't own appropriate snow footware, so shopped around on line for a new pair of wellies. The wellies have not arrived yet so I hope we get a bit more snow so I can test drive them properly!

A little bit of creativity this weekend came in the form of this doggy Birthday card. I do like a spotty dog!


Ali said...

Bed shopping is bizarre isn't it? All that pretending to be sleeping in a shop full of people. But I bet you notice the difference when your new one arrives. I thought I had back problems, but they turned out to be bed problems!

Anonymous said...
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Kyoko said...

Gosh, I thought it was only me who was feeling lethargic. I was like a zombie last week and this week (hence bought masses of nespresso pods).
Wow you did have loads of snow. We had lots but after the rain yesterday it all melted.
I am impressed of your doggy card!! Love the button muzzle :D
Hope you have a wonderful weekend :D